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Oddly enough, I embarked on this amazing Yoga journey, after buying a video recommended to me by my hairdresser!

Over the years, I have sampled many styles of yoga, but a yoga related injury led me to a book called Anatomy and Asana:Preventing Yoga Injuries‘  by Susi Hately. Since then I has attended several of Susi’s trainings and continues to study with her.

Both my personal practice and teaching now reflect much of what I learned from Susi. A mindful practice which begins from the grass roots of the physical aspect of yoga and how we move in our spine, our shoulders and hips. By improving mobility and stability it helps us in our everyday life as well as enhancing our yoga practice.

“It has helped me immensely. I love yoga, but am no longer interested in pretzel like poses. I enjoy the feeling of ease, the clarity and calmness I get from practicing this quieter technique taught by Susi.”

I now teach privately and can create personal yoga programmes to help improve your mobility, reduce pain and stress and generally feel good in your body; mentally and physically.

I also offer private Pregnancy Yoga in North West Leicestershire, having trained with Uma Dinsmore, one of U.K.’s leading pre-natal teachers.

Liz’s deep understanding and patience and compassion has helped develop my body from deep pain and discomfort into strength and ease. I cannot thank her enough for transforming my life with her gifts.

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