Are you listening?

You might be surprised or not to learn that our bodies need care and attention. They require movement, rest, hydration and healthy nourishment in order to help us do the things we ask of it.

I often think most folks out there take more care of their cars and for animal lover’s, more care of their pets, than they do themselves.

Our bodies respond to stimulus and these can be physical, such as repetitive movements or spending too long sitting, playing sports such as rugby whereby the body sustains an injury or perhaps dancing where bodies look lithe and supple but maybe strained or pushed in order to perform. Or, the stimuli can be a lack of something or an imbalance of something.

It is quite simply amazing what are bodies can do for us from managing the demands of long shifts on a hospital ward to having the will and determination to break life harming habits.

I’ve spent the last week at close hand watching how amazing the body is, having spent time visiting my father in hospital. Before our eyes my father’s body was shutting down down to due to depression, alcohol, lack of hydration and food. This was my dad’s body literally screaming out for his attention.

I’ve watched as his body and mind went through a journey of healing, of detoxing and rebuilding and how he has responded to the intervention and care of our amazing NHS staff.

It’s all too easy to sit in judgement of people with addictions or have opinions on how to overcome them. But I think we all neglect ourselves in some form and at some point as these layers of stimulus begin to build our bodies let us know. Maybe we ignore the breath restricting anxiety we have on a daily basis or we feel it’s normal to continually mentally criticise ourselves and push ourselves to have “perfection” in everything we do.

Perhaps you keep promising yourself you’ll start that healthier eating plan tomorrow, begin to walk more, or take up yoga or other forms of healthy movement or dust off and read that copy of Louise Hay’s book ” You Can Heal Your Life”.

All I know is that it ultimately comes down to wanting to nurture yourself enough to make changes, but that has to come out of loving yourself enough to do that…..where do you start? In yoga we start by moving (or resting) the body and noticing and accepting where you’re starting from. Mindful movement and proper relaxation gives the body the chance to listen and a step towards healing from within.

So, if you know your body is trying to get your attention, what is it trying to say? You might be smoking or drinking too excess, over eating or watching too much TV or spending too long on you digital devices, isn’t it time to stop and change your stimulus?

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