Bad habit gremlins

I feel a bit behind with everything last week, a bit discombobulated (what a great word). I know why; the extra day off work due to the bank holiday add to that spending the weekend at a wedding in London, throw into mix free flowing champagne and there you have a cocktail to throw me right off track….

I do love a visit to our capital city, and the bank holiday weekend was soooooo busy down there. As we were waiting to meet my cousin at Holborn tube I was literally bamboozled by the amount of people, from all across the globe. I wondered what they made of this amazing city, where they were going and how do they all fit in the underground? Crazy! I do love to people watch. It also made me think how lucky are we to live in a society that we have so much freedom and choice.

The wedding was really lovely and the champagne flowed…..and flowed…..and flowed (yes, I do enjoy a glass of bubbly) but boy, did I know about it the next day? Many moons ago, before I got into yoga and then became a yoga teacher, I’d think nothing of coming home from work (I worked in the Crown Court, seeing a completely different side to life) and heading straight for the wine and a cigarette, having been fuelled throughout the day with copious amounts of builders tea.

You remember the mantra workshops I attended with Simon Heather in March? He said something interesting (which I clearly did not remember night of the wedding), it was something along the lines of, as we continue our practice of Yoga (or Thai Chi, Qi Gong) and we balance our subtle energy centres we become more sensitive and intolerant to toxic substances, this is so true for me. If only this was clear to me at the time! My mindful practices become a skewed as my glass gets topped up again, all those bubbles going to my head………..As I sat there on Sunday feeling quite poorly I marvelled at how some of the others from the night before seemed so well. I look back on my old ways of being and wonder how I did it?

It’s not that I want to be able to drink copious amounts of fizz regularly (having witnessed the effects of alcohol dependency on my dad, how it has literally taken over his life) I do genuinely worry sometimes that I have that gene in me and how quickly that switch gets flicked.

Yes, I did berate myself for having had too much the night before but then I also realised it is an opportunity for me to make more positive changes….The Yogis call our habits “Samskara’s” and like tyre ruts on the M1 can keep pulling you off track, even though you work hard at breaking these habits they lie dormant and can still lead you astray. The idea is to keep veering yourself onto a new path to strengthen your new habits. I’ll keep practising my yoga and mantra and even look to my friend Anna Finn for some hypnotherapy to tackle the remains of this old habit to the ground, I’m all for seeking out other therapies to keep me moving forward.

So, I try to think I look at life with a “my glass is half full” outlook, but in terms of topping it up with fizz, I’ll keep it half empty.

I’d love to know if you have or had a habit gremlin lurking and waiting to pounce and what steps you took to take it out?


  1. thanks Liz for your latest blog as mentioned on tues night i do love to read them – this week was particularly good as having experienced first hand addition to alcohol and how it so consumes our lives not only on a social side but a quiet at home side of life when we do not realise how it consumes us and takes over – controlling it is another matter – thanks Liz your a great mentor x

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thanks you for taking the time to comment…

      Sometimes these habits creep up on you before you realise the hold they have on you. Slowing adding layers that extinguish our true potential, yet once they get a grip on you, they do hold on and somehow dig in deeper if you want to let them go… Becoming aware it is a bad habit is the first step to taking action.


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