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http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-sky-jet-stream-heart-image198516I don’t know why but for some reason as we move through December and hurtle towards the New Year I have an image of an aeroplane banking around ready to descend for landing, bringing the end of this 365 day journey to a close.

I’m sticking with all things airline for this blog; a flight, just like our life, has sunset takeoffs, bumpy landings, turbulent times, and periods of in-flight entertainment and just as we make preparations for landing we do so for the season and New Year ahead.

Before we descend into the frantic baggage reclaim that is Christmas shopping, let’s not forget from where we took off, was it an EasyJet or more of Ryanair flight for you? It’s all too easy to get entangled with the tinsel and begin to focus on resolutions and not celebrate the highs and learn from the lows of the year.

Have you really patted yourself on the back for enduring some turbulent times and high- fived yourself for your successes? How about the times that felt more like an emergency landing or in lockdown? What did you learn about yourself?

We can only learn, heal and celebrate if we give ourselves the time and space to do so. What I have learned as I reflect on this year and what I currently witness in my family and friends is that we are more resourceful, courageous and inspiring than we give ourselves credit for; so this Christmas, sit back, relax and give yourself some credit.

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