Going down for a long stretch…..

The public gallery was standing room only and as I sat in the dock at Lincoln Crown Court, it felt as if all eyes were on me. My barrister had made representations on my behalf and with a beating heart I awaited the Judges sentencing remarks. His Honour Judge Michael Heath told me to stand and before speaking peered over the top of his spectacles in that manner solely reserved to one of Her Majesty’s Judge’s; “You will go down for a very long stretch” My crime? Resigning after 13 years working for the Court Service and those words were part of the valedictory address arranged by my colleagues at the Court. Of course by then they all knew I was keen to focus on teaching yoga, hence the Judges witty comments.

That was over 10 years ago when I was into stretching to ease the tension in my body. Since then I’ve moved away from that to focus on improving how my body moves rather than just stretching it out and since I’ve adopted these changes in both how I teach and in my personal practice, I no longer have the urge to want to stretch. I no longer have tight shoulders, calves or hamstrings. I’m not saying that I am as bendy as an olympic gymnast but for me, as long as I feel ease (physically and mentally) and I can pursue the things in life that fulfil me; that’s when I know I’m on the right track and the ease filters down into all aspects of my life.

When I’m working with new clients or when I talk to people about what I do, they often say (amongst other things) that they want to be more flexible and this makes me wonder why? I’m resolved to delve deeper into this statement and ask more questions when they say this; is it because they think they need to touch their toes or because like me what they truly want is to feel more ease everyday and less tense?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, if flexibility is your goal, why?

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  1. Maybe the flexibility people appear to yearn for actually is not a physical one… maybe it’s in our minds. Allowing room to breathe and think with more clarity gives us flexibility in our choices perhaps? That’s what I find anyway xxx


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