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I used to love the Fast Show where Jesse used to say “This week I’ll be mostly…………” for me this week I have been mostly feeling……… unsettled……………Is it the solstice? Lots of people I have spoken to tell me they have been feeling out of sorts and tired and even though I appreciate the links between the energetic and emotional effects of the what’s in our sky and how this effects the release of hormones from the pineal gland, I have to confess I know little else about it.

Change, shifting, that’s what it’s felt like, a sense of restlessness and yet frustration. Almost a not knowing of what to do with myself.

This restlessness seems the polar opposite of the meaning of solstice, latin of course “Sol”– Sun and “Stit” – stopped, as if the sun as stood still. On Sunday, even though I had been working away on Friday and Saturday and had a bonkers 39 hours from 5am on Friday morning, I felt it hard to settle and relax and felt I had to expel this restless energy I had, to the extent of hoovering, polishing and having a bit of a de-clutter (anyne who knows me, knows that, these days housework is pretty low on my agenda); It felt like a paradox.

Even in my yoga practice I felt I needed to keep moving, before I could find my stillness….Initially when I was walking my pooch I felt harried until I caught myself doing this and then dropped my pace a little…..

There have been challenges this week that come with running my own business too where I find myself asking “what is the Universe wanting me to see/do?”

On Monday morning I felt something outside had shifted too, as if a turn, a slight nod toward autumn had happened.

As I look at the garden and watch the lupins begin to fade and the peonies bloom, I am reminded again that the only constant is change, nothing stays the same and that this solstice brings home the basis of Ayurveda (which is the sister science to Yoga and how we are relate to our environment), no matter whether we are open to concepts like Ayurveda or prefer to live in a cyber world, we cannot avoid being affetced by the mysterious and wonderous world we live in.

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  1. I loved reading this Liz maybe the solstice is why I’m out of kilter.
    It made me feel up lifted somehow, maybe knowing you’ve done the cleaning for a change. Even Molly my dog isn’t herself as she’s usually eager for her dinner, at the moment it will be left a while. But
    I read all your posts.

    Thank you Cate.


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