Our Bodies are like Gardens

Mindful movement

Autumn garden

It may or may not come as a surprise to you when I say we need to take care of ourselves. We need to tend to our minds and bodies like we would a garden and just like a garden if we don’t want it to become overgrown and out of control, it needs regular attention, yet we expect our bodies to act like machines, mindlessly acting out our days, expecting everything to be in working order.

Gardening is such a good analogy for our bodies, because, there is always something to do to keep on top of the “weeds” and there is always something that requires our attention, there is always more…… For any garden to thrive, it requires space to grow, so you need to remove old and dying plants, to make space for the new, it requires nutritious soil, water and light, (think of letting go of bad habits and creating mental space for a calmer way of life, healthy foods and drink and of course getting outside to feel the sun on your skin). For anyone who has a garden, once it’s cleared it doesn’t stop there, the process of maintaining a garden is the same as establishing it, but it requires the mindset of little and often; I like to think of pruning as our equivalent of moving, pruning helps to achieve continuous growth and so for us, good, healthy movement allows us to maintain skeletal alignment, brain to muscle communication, co-ordination and bone density.


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Autumn Colour

Gardens are at the mercy of the weather and just like our bodies, accidents and injuries happen that are out of our control. If the plants are strong they can weather the storm and if we have tended our bodies prior to any accident, injury, surgery or illness then the chances of a speedier recovery are higher.

Nature’s timing never ceases to amaze me, how does a Japanese anemone know to flower in late summer and a daffodil in spring? I believe we can have that same sense of timing and knowing if we slow down enough to sense it. Mindful movement is therapeutic to the mind, body and soul, it gives us the opportunity to slow down, to listen to our body’s messages and respond accordingly and just like a garden, regularly give it what it needs to thrive and grow.


So, if you know you neglect your body and want to find simple and easy ways to keep pain, tension, and strain at bay, then please get in touch, I’d love to help you.

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