Something I wasn’t expecting……

Last Saturday I attended the first weekend of a Sound Healing Practitioner training course. I wrote a little bit about this in my blog Good Vibrations and decided to take this training to explore the healing power of sound for myself, my students and clients…..

As well as using sound in the form of tones (think of the Sound of Music’s Do-Rei-Me except we use different versions, one of which is the ancient Indian scale) we also use tuning forks. When chimed they create a vibration which can then be placed on an area of the body that needs healing or can be placed close the ears so the body can feel their resonance. It is amazing!

Okay, so back to me creating sound, oh boy, not the biggest challenge in my life but worth a prize for going the colour of scarlet I went! This is classic example of me not quite doing my homework and believing we would all be chanting together (just like I did a month ago)– nope…. there’s me jumping in as soon as I saw a training course close to home and next thing you know I’m “sounding” along one of the other student’s body. Don’t get me wrong I love it and can see and feel the benefits. For me it feels like a deeper healing, down into the core of my being without having to talk through anything; having someone “sound” to you and sing your name is deeply touching and nurturing. I totally understand as well it’s about presence and forming a connection between the receiver and giver.

And before you think I’m away with the fairies (anyone who knows me, knows I can be a little reserved about some of the healing practices that are available and out there), there is a lot of history and science behind this. That’s not to say that I might not be a bit quirky myself, only this morning I was chanting to the cows in the fields near to where I walk my dog! Back to the science – something to do with the C and G notes together creating a perfect 5th  which is a musical interval, as Clarissa Woodcock explains

“Based on the twin principles of resonance and quantum physics, the body literally matches up with healing tones and musical interval ratios, re-establishing a naturally healthy vibration on a cellular level. Listening to musical interval enhances our well-being”

What I found the most challenging on Saturday was when we were asked to sit quietly and connect to our hearts, then begin to re-create the sound of how our hearts were feeling…..another moment of “Oh god, I don’t think I can do this”. It may be blatantly obvious to us how our hearts are feeling, or we may have quelled those feelings if they are too much to bear, but being encouraged to verbalise that in the form of sound takes it to another level. Having a supportive and safe environment is crucial and our teacher Blu, ensured this was the case.

If you have a quiet moment connect to your heart and listen to what it is saying to you, what sound would it make if it could, can you re-create this sound? It’s powerful stuff……

I’d love to know if you’ve signed up for a workshop or training that wasn’t quite what you’d expected, yet still got a lot from it?

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  1. You and me both. Totally blown away by the resonance that emitted to all this last weekend. Has left me verbalising noises ever since….


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