Sometimes I make myself LOL! (Laugh out Loud)

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog and just like for many, a lot has happened. There is nothing like the illness of a loved one to give you a shake to re-evaluate your life.

Illness strips life down to it’s most raw, real and vulnerable state, testing your resolve, compassion, patience and family ties.

It’s also unforgiving with your time and priorities and it soon highlights the tasks , the additional things we believe we have to do, because, well, we feel we have to do them and efficiently decides for you your priorities. Like Alan Sugar, “it cuts to the chase”

Take for example my blog, I was told if I started writing a blog, it had to be weekly and so off I went doing just that, because that’s what you do. Twitter, Facebook and all other aspects of social media, you have to be on it now if you want to be successful. I was beginning to feel that my head was swimming with blog and social media content and there was little space for what was important and if I didn’t keep up to date, I put myself under pressure and criticised myself. Honestly, looking back I make myself laugh out loud 🙂

I re-evaluated my teaching schedule and realised I had managed to create a “chasing my own tail” schedule, so I focused on what was working best for me and streamlined it.

It has been so free-ing! I may have lost my summer but gained so much more, a healthier dad, closer to my sisters and finding my way to the balance I want in life. But there is an easier, more relaxed way of finding balance and if you feel you are chasing your tail, then there is still time to book a place on my All About Balance retreat which starts a week on Friday. I’d love to help you find your balance.

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