Stopped in my tracks

Have you ever read a line in a book that has literally stopped you in your tracks?

Today, this is what I read “There is no one who will care as much about you as you”

It is quoted in a book called “Move without Pain” by Martha Peterson and the quote is by Thomas Hanna who developed a movement method called Hanna Somatics. Peterson’s book shares the movements created by Hanna.

I am taking a course soon in Hanna Somatics to add to my ¬†toolkit of movements to help students and clients find more ease and less pain. I love the idea that movement creates more movement. We are designed to move, so we need to do more of it….to help our tense, stressed, chronically tired and often painful bodies it needs to be mindful and slow, to help the neuromuscular connections re-set and relax chronically tight muscles.

As I read the book and practise these new movements, I feel my body unravelling and letting go of deeper layers of tension. I also realise how actually some of them don’t feel new, they are familiar and instinctive like the movements babies and toddlers make.
I also realise Hanna Somatics movements and ideas align so beautifully with my style of yoga, they are mindful and require you to connect to your body and senses. These movements make as much sense and connection to me as the quote did.

As I read that quote I thought that is exactly what I try to get over to my students and clients, but not in those words…..I wish I had come up with it! So simple and true. I may not be able to find the words but I know I can help you, through mindful movement you can learn to take care of you.

There are so many areas of our life that the quote can be applied to, I’d love to hear if and how it struck a chord with you…..

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  1. Having had the benefit of your tuition In the yoga sessions I am sure developments like the Hanna somatic programme will be very productive.


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