Why Practise with Me?

It’s not often I sing my own praises but this recent testimonial explains why coming to one of my classes is so beneficial.

I’m sharing it because I sigh when I see that almost all imagery of Yoga in magazines, online and on TV are often of very bendy, lithe folks, I can totally see why people feel they need to be flexible to do yoga and so are put off even giving it a go.  Like everything, Yoga is changing and is evolving and so I am grateful for being introduced to it and grateful to the injury that led me to the path I am now on…There are some jungle drums beating out there (including my training) that are beginning to realise that classic Yoga Asana is not the panacea that many believe. Yoga is amazing, it gets our bodies moving but often too far and sometimes with strong adjustments or a sense of feeling One should be in a certain posture which may lead to strain and even pain…..

For most of us, the body just needs to move and explore moving in the various directions it is capable of, all too often our bodies and minds are just crying out for our attention, simple, mindful movements with awareness of our breath is mostly what it needs and as you will read in the testimonial it doesn’t mean into pretzel like poses

So, if you would like to give yoga a go, get in touch to discuss how I can help you….

All About Liz’

I’m sure the picture is familiar –frazzled, juggling too much, not sleeping, feeling ratty and agitated with those around you and cuttingly sharp with those you love. It’s all feeling a bit much and you are coping but only just. You don’t know what to do to put it right, but this isn’t about me its …’All About Liz’.

I can’t remember how I ‘found her but I’m so glad I did. I learned how to properly relax with gentle exercises focused around good breathing. It wasn’t like anything I had come across before. All the ‘yoga’ I had done was around postures, structure, flowing movements and a small window of relaxation at the very end. That’s not to say this yoga doesn’t have great benefits but it wasn’t for me.

Liz’s yoga was different and it took a few weeks for me to settle into it. It was built around small, slow, gentle activity, restorative, repetitive, almost meditative movement which allowed me to ‘reset’ my buttons. I would take in all my stresses and worries and come out floating and didn’t care about anything! I think I might have been snoring at some point too ( a big sorry to my fellow class members- you know who you are). I seriously don’t quite know how I got home sometimes and I always had a fabulous night of sleep.

I couldn’t recommend Liz highly enough if the above describes what you are coping with and you need some support. Always approachable, friendly and cheerful, I looked forward to every session. The change was remarkable and my husband even wrote to Liz with a bottle of bubbles at Christmas to say thank you as my better life meant for a much calmer life for him too!

Thank you Liz. Xxx

A Hunter

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