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Hello, my name is Liz and welcome to Intelligent Movement Lincoln. Has your GP suggested you try Yoga? Or do you have chronic pain, tension or just want to feel more relaxed and ease in your own skin? Feel put off by the pretzel like poses of Yoga that you’ve seen or even tried? Intelligent Movement Lincoln is about simplicity and not surprisingly following your body’s inner wisdom. Intelligent Movement Lincoln offers Somatic Movement Education classes and clinical appointments.

“I was amazed at the positive regeneration my body experienced after attending locally, Liz’s Somatics sessions only a couple of times.I was due a medical consultation for lower back surgery and a potential hip replacement after months of discomfort and pain. Both these procedures were cancelled after all my problematic symptoms disappeared after attending Liz’s sessions and continuing Somatic practices at home throughout the week. As a very active sportsman used to dynamic and aggressive sports, I have been stunned that such a passive pursuit can have such monumental benefits to both my health and well being…”Regards, Mike

Somatics Movement Education is a method that gently and effectively relaxes chronically tight muscles that cause pain, tension and affects your posture, mobility and gait. It is much like Yoga for improving movement, posture and deeply relaxing, yet simpler and more accessible, I should know, I’ve taught Yoga for over 13 years, but this method is so effective I now focus on teaching this and getting it out into the world! The movements are based on natural and instinctive patterns, that over time are lost or diminished due to tight muscles. This method, developed by the late Thomas Hanna PhD, basically gets to the core of all muscular movement, (your brain) by engaging the sensory/motor nervous system.
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Somatic Movement Education

Somatics is a movement method of re-educating the mind’s control over chronically tight muscles. A simple and effective way to improve posture, increase ease in everyday movement and reduce tension, tightness and pain.

Extremely beneficial for those aged 50+

Getting healthy has never been so fun.

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